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Why, Just Why Would We Attempt This?

Escaping to the Sea is the brainchild of two people, Zach and Alissa. Born out of the desire to… well… escape to the sea. Yeah, we thought we were pretty clever there.

The normal around us is filled with all kinds of things that produce a sensory overload, a drain on our emotions and mentality, and frankly just isn't all that nice right now so we thought “To heck with ya!” and decided to start designing our dream sailboat to be able to explore and enjoy the world, it wonders, and its cultures when we need a break from the normal.

Initially, this boat is intended to be a vacation boat (have to pay it off somehow, and somehow is with a job), but we hope to make it a liveaboard home in hopefully early retirement lifestyle for as long as we can. We are in no way naval architects, so this can only end well! Wish us luck!

Zach's Bio

Hi! My name is Zach, and I am a double major in International Business Management and Japanese Studies. I was born in the Upper Midwest of the United States near the Great Lakes.

Ever since I was young, I have had an interest in transportation. In fourth grade, I decided I wanted to work in the transportation field in America to try and help our crumbling infrastructure. In fact, I wanted to have my own transportation business and in essence, rule the road, rails, wind, and sea.

But now it is the fall of 2020, and all that childhood optimism has been well and truly shrunk. Achieving my childhood dream would be spectacular but being honest, also nothing short of a Grade A Divine Miracle from the Universe.

In my sophomore year of college I met Alissa through a combination of a few mutual friends and an on campus organization. Our friendship took on fast and we started talking about what we wanted to do with our lives. No matter what future plan we had, travel was always included. Why not travel together?

So, I made a new plan: get a job(s) roughly in my field that can support myself, my ambitions, and this plan; then start escaping to the sea.

Alissa's Bio

Hi! My name is Alissa. I am  currently helping Zach with their project to build a custom boat and move out to sea with them. 

Around the age of ten, I grew to like the idea of traveling (I blame all the books I read). When I got into college, I still had this goal, so I went into the Art History major. I specifically wanted to work with museums because it allows me the opportunity to travel, and enjoy the history and art of different countries.

I would have never come to the decision to move out to sea on a boat if I hadn't met Zach. I met Zach early into my first year of college through a campus organization and some mutual friends. I didn't know anything about boats except that they looked pretty cool in the "Pirate of the Caribbean" movies.

But Zach, however, was kind enough to teach me more about boats, and specifically about the boat we are going to share. My ambition only grew from that point on after I realized my ten year-old self would be freaking out knowing I would get to travel.

I look forward to the adventures, and hope that fair seas lie ahead.

The Plan

The current plan for designing, construction and lifestyle is the following (in rough order):

  1. Design the Boat

  2. Finish College

  3. Enter the Workforce and Climb the Ladder

  4. Revise the Boat

  5. Pay Maritime Architect for the Boat

  6. Save for the Boat

  7. Build the Boat

  8. Use the Boat for an Awesome Lifestyle

  9. ???

  10. Profit!

So Welcome to the Story of Us, Our Boat, and Whatever May Come!

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